Booking Policy


100% Package Price at the time of booking.


If you change the following charges will apply from the date, we are advised of such changes. The calculation of the change period does not include the day of departure.

A $50 Service Charge per person will apply to each change made to the booking subsequent to confirmation.

Correction of a name, change of name, change of a departure date, or change of the type of tour, is possible if accepted by the supplier, but subject to the applicable fee, possible availability of inventory and/or supplier’s willingness to effect the requested changes . Any change made within 14 days of departure makes the booking subject to applicable cancellation charges. Changing all names on a file constitutes a cancellation. If rooming requirements are altered due to a cancellation by one or more passengers, the passengers still travelling must pay the applicable rate for the accommodation to be occupied. Once travel has commenced, no changes to the booking are permitted.


In case of any cancellation, the below Cancellation Policies will apply. If you cancel your vacation package, the below charges will apply from the date we are advised of such cancellation. The calculation of the cancellation period does not include the day of departure.

Cancellation Policy
7 days or more $50 per person
7 to 3 days 25% of Package Cost
Less than 3 days 100% of the Package Cost


The vacation packages are prepared months in advance, and sometimes one of the advertised services or locations is modified or not available. On occasion after your booking is confirmed, we may have to make changes to the services that are part of the package. Most often this will be minor, however we may have to make a Major Change before you depart.

Major Change includes:

  • change of destination.
  • change of time of departure or return by more than 24 hours.
  • change of the standard of the accommodation.
  • Change of Vehicle type rented.
  • increase in the cost of the vacation package of more than 7% (unless government imposed).
  • change of route necessitating other identification or documentation when there is insufficient time to obtain these items before departure; and
  • an error in our rates.

If we have to make a Major Change, we will advise you and you may:

  • accept the change.
  • select one of our alternate vacation packages at the applicable price; or
  • cancel completely and obtain a full refund of the price you paid.

Sometimes the hotel you chose will not be available because of unexpected maintenance or overbooking. If this is the case, DMCi Inc. will provide a substitute hotel, of equal or greater standard. If DMCi Inc. is obliged to downgrade the accommodation, and you accept that offered change, DMCi Inc. will provide you with a partial refund. We reserve the right to change our published prices without notice and to pass on to you all government-imposed taxes, transportation fees and surcharges, including fuel and currency fluctuations.

DMCi Inc. may not be able to refund you in full for changes that are made for reasons of Force Majeure, namely war or threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, weather causing beach erosion, epidemics or health risks, technical or mechanical problems with transport, flight delays due to weather, government action, closed or congested airports or seaports, supplier insolvency and any events beyond our control.

Important Notes for all Tours

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