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The Algonquin Eco-Lodge is located on the southern border of Algonquin Park (just 3 hours from Toronto or Ottawa).  It is a wilderness enthusiasts’ dream come true! Whether it is summer or winter, there is always plenty to see and do at this wilderness lodge.

The Algonquin Eco-Lodge is the absolute best lodge or accommodation you can find when it comes to cross country skiing, dog sledding, snowshoeing, hiking, and canoeing. The fact is the Eco-Lodge has one of the largest single trail systems in Southern Ontario and offers one of the best wilderness experiences in Canada!  Fall Colours are truly spectacular!  Hiking the lodge’s trails or paddling a canoe on the lodge’s private lake in the autumn is an unforgettable way to experience Algonquin Park and its wilderness.

The Algonquin Wilderness Eco-Lodge was designed to give clients the best of a wilderness experience, while minimizing the environmental footprint.  The lodge offers you the feel and ambiance of a European mountain lodge.  It is also by far one of the most secluded lodges in the Algonquin Provincial Park.

The focus on the environment has resulted in the Eco-Lodge being awarded the 2012 winner of the Ontario Tourism Sustainable Tourism Award!

The Eco-Lodge is set in a beautifully secluded and remote settings of the Algonquin Park forests.  Hydro lines and telephone poles do not reach here.  The property is completely off-grid.  Yet, the Eco-Lodge continues to provide all the finer comforts of today’s living with the alternative energy the lodge creates from its own waterfall (the lodge is powered 100% by micro-hydroelectricity).

The Eco-Lodge offers indoor plumbing, hot showers, an outdoor wood-fired sauna, and even a carbon neutral hot tub (the only one in southern Ontario) heated by electricity from the lodge’s own waterfall!  With 17 private bedrooms, (double and dorm style) there is more than enough space to comfortably hold 34 people. 

The Eco-Lodge is the perfect setting for your “Digital Detox” vacation.  With no phone lines, no internet service, and even cell phones its is guaranteed that “work” cannot get hold of you.  At the Eco-Lodge, you have no choice but soak up in the beauty of nature and its wilderness.  Enjoy the company of your family and friends, play a board game with your spouse, or join the other guests toasting marshmallows around the campfire. Leave your laptops and i-phones home and bring the book you wanted to read!

Add to all this, the extensive groomed wilderness trail network, a private 30-acre (12.5 ha) lake complete with a family of beavers, and even a resident wolf pack, and it makes your time spent at the Eco-Lodge an experience to remember for a lifetime, and one of the best ways to explore Algonquin Park.

Note – The operation of this tour is subject to the evolving COVID-19 situation.

Please review - Notes About this Tour for important information about the The Algonquin Eco-Lodge.  Make sure to review all the information under the tab Lodge Facilities.

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Notes about this Tour

Important Notes about the accommodations at The Lodge

  • Maximum Occupancy:  The Lodge is equipped to accommodate 34 visitors’ comfortably at any one point of time.  However, due to the COVID 19 situation, occupancy will be limited to 12 persons.   
  • Check-In:  2:00 PM.  
  • Late Arrivals & Flashlight:  If you will be arriving after dark please ensure that each person has a flashlight as the walk in is VERY dark.
  • Dinner:  Also, since dinner is served until 7:00pm please eat before you arrive if it will be later than that.
  • Luggage:  In order for the Lodge to be able to collect your luggage you must check-in by 10:00pm.  If you arrive after 10:00pm, please carry in what you need for the night and remember that there is a 2.5 km hike through the dark forest. The staff usually goes to bed at 11:00pm so the building will be dark, but we will leave a note on the counter for you with your room number. The rest of your luggage will be collected in the morning. There is a $10 charge per piece to bring the luggage to the Eco Lodge unless you carry your own luggage. 
  • Check-Out: 12:00pm, though you are welcome to use the trails as long as you like, at your own risk.
  • Coffee & Tea: Coffee & Tea is served at the Lodge. 
  • Drinking Water: Free spring drinking water from their well is available.  If you bring bottled water, you must take back the empty bottles.  There is 2 ½ mile hike through the forest to get to the lodge.  The lodge does have personnel who will carry luggage from arrival point to the lodge for a fee of $10 per piece of luggage.  They will not carry water.
  • Beverages (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Beverages): You may bring your own Beer, Wine, or other Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Beverages.  Beer should be in Cans.  Other beverage may be in bottles.  All bottles (plastic & glass bottles) - must be taken back when visitor departs from the Lodge.
  • Laundry Service: In keeping with our environmental policies, and minimizing footprint on the environment, the Eco Lodge does not change bedsheets every day. Sheets are changed and laundered once the guest’s check-out. This reduces each person's footprint in terms of the amount of water and detergent required.
  • Soap & Shampoo: Guests must bring their own soap and shampoo, as well as towels since you can wash your own towel at home with your regular load of laundry, again reducing your environmental impact.
  • Cell Phone:  Does not work here.
  • Phone on site: Not available.
  • Television & Wi-Fi: Not available.
  • Assumed Risk - Hospitals, Medical Assistance & Medication:  The Eco-Lodge is in a remote wilderness setting. The nearest hospital is 45 minutes away, and the nearest phone is 15 minutes away. We do not have a phone and cell phones do not work. The staff does have wilderness first aid training but, if you have a medical emergency, it will take around 2 hours for professional medical care to arrive. If you have severe life-threatening allergies you should bring 2 EpiPins with you. If you have any other serious medical condition, please bring appropriate amounts of your medication.
  • Wildlife:  There are also wild animals such as moose, bear, and wolves that inhabit the area. While they are not something you normally need to be frightened of, you do need to be aware that you could potentially encounter one.
  • Using the Trails:  If you choose to use the trails, or any other facilities, either before the check-in or after the check-out times, you are welcome to do so. However, you do so on your own responsibility, and you must accept all risk for doing so. Be aware that the Lodge may be closed before the check-in and after the check-out times, and there may be no staff on site to provide you with any assistance during such times.
  • Waiver:  Your will be required to sign a Waver acknowledging the above and assuming the risk at the time of reservation.

Operation Info

YearNightsOperating DatesTour Code
20212 Nights14 May to 17 JuneDM-COTW-EHAEL
20212 Nights
18 June to 10 OctoberDM-COTW-EHAEL
20213 Nights
May to OctoberDM-COTW-EHAEL
Blackout Dates may apply.

Note – Operation of this tour is subject to the evolving COVID-19 situation.



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