Vancouver - Capilano Suspension Bridge

  • Walk across the Capilano Suspension Bridge
  • Explore the Treetops and the Rainforest
  • Dare a walk along the cliff face on the Cliff Walk
  • Take a complimentary guided history or nature walk
  • Free shuttle between downtown Vancouver and Capilano Suspension Bridge
Capilano bridge is 27 acres of nature and adventure tucked away in North Vancouver, just 30-minutes from downtown Vancouver.  One of the most popular destinations for both Vancouverites and visitors, the park offers three different experiences with a single admission ticket – the Suspension Bridge, Treetops, and the Cliff Walk.
The main attraction of this park set in rainforest landscape, is the 450 feet (137 meters) long bridge suspended 230 feet (70 meters) above the Capilano River. Millions of daring visitors have taken a walk across this suspension bridge since its opening in 1889.
The Treetops Adventure consists of a series of suspension bridges attached to 30-ton, 250-year-old Douglas-firs.  Viewing platforms are attached to a special tree collar system that uses no nails or bolts that would harm the trees and allows visitors to walk freely between the viewing platforms.  The bridges go as high as 110 feet above the forest floor and offer spectacular views.
Reaching out over the misty expanse of evergreen foliage, the Cliff Walk follows the granite walls of the Capilano River.  A labyrinth-like series of narrow cantilevered bridges, stairs, and platforms through rainforest vegetation, the Cliff Walk dares visitors to tread out over the open canyon below to get a birds-eye view of the canyon and the river running below. Of course, the Cliff Walk is not meant for the weak-hearted.

Special Event:  Canyon Lights – Must see – November 19, 2022 – January 22, 2023
Never miss the Canyon Lights.  This is a special winter festival at Capilano Bridge that runs from November 19, 2022, to January 22, 2023.   During the Canyon Lights Festival, hundreds of thousands of lights are strung throughout the park, highlighting the wonder and beauty of this special place even more. The entire park, the Suspension Bridge, Treetops and the Cliffwalk, the rainforest and the canyon are transformed into a magical world of festive lights and visual enchantment.

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  • Capilano Suspension Bridge & Park
  • Treetops Adventure
  • Cliff Walk
  • Complimentary guided tour or nature walk.
  • Complimentary shuttle from downtown Vancouver to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.
  • Taxes and GST.


  • Gratuities.
  • Souvenir photos (available for purchase) 
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  • Parking charges if you are driving to the park.  Paid parking is available at the park.

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Note: Operation of this tour is subject to the evolving COVID-19 situation.  



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